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Atlantis has been the subject of countless films, as has Nazi gold and oil polluting our oceans, but never has all these elements come together under one roof. Aiming for a screenplay 90-110 pages max.





No longer law abiding citizens Redan Simdo leads the Terramentals on a daring mission to hijack HMS Neptune in the Irish Sea off Barrow in Furness on the west coast of England. They had moved to Cumbria to plan the hijacking of one of His Majesty's Astute class nuclear submarines, posing as tourists. Max had been trained as the Predator HK pilot, since he was the best qualified. The Predator had performed spectacularly. Thanks to the design genius of Jorges Dicaprio.


MI6 had identified the satellite hack, from Bart, the Sly Fox, but dismissed it, being convinced that nobody could hijack an Astute submarine. MOD advice to watch the hack and trace back to source had been approved by Nick Johnson and Sir Rodney Dunbar. Dirty Harry knows the activists he framed up are on the loose, but does not put two and two together, since they are thought to have no resources. Nobody knew that Jorges Dicaprio was a wealthy man.




The Sunseeker 60 blasted across the dark blue ocean, clocking 30 knots at three-quarter throttle, stinging white spray lashing the deck and helm screens. The sky was grey with occasional flashes of lightning in the distance showing patches of blue and yellow.


“Course South West captain,” said Bo Dallas, one of a new breed of Terror Environmentalists.


The captain was unshaven, dressed in a thick navy roll neck sweater and woollen hat. He didn’t answer but checked the ships sonar, and there it was an oblong luminescent blip finally coming onto the screen in the top right hand corner. He sighed in relief, allowing himself a little grin.

“Alert the crew, ‘Neptune’ is go.”


Dallas went below to the beautifully equipped galley. The other Terramentalists were crowded around a table, also wearing dark navy sweaters and sporting leather holsters and ammunition belts. Without doubt this was a well planned military style operation …….. Though nobody planned on using these weapons, more for show.

At the rear of the Sunseeker, in its large alloy davits hung a strange looking craft not much bigger than a regular launch at 20 feet OAL. Several of the crew disgorged from the galley onto the rear deck. One man pulled a tarpaulin from the craft to reveal a streamlined submersible with small wings and a domed Plexiglas cockpit. It had large twin contra-rotating propellers at the rear, indicating high speed. It looked like a stealth version of the second world war mini-subs used by frogmen. Max Mohune opened the clear cockpit and deftly climbed aboard. Once in, he flicked on a few switches and finally gave a thumbs up, followed by rotation of his upright index finger, which was the signal to let go.

Launched unceremoniously, by literally releasing the dual hooks from either davit arm, dropping the vessel into the briny with a loud slap, the Predator HK was in its element. 

The captain watched the two blips on his sonar screen. The one they’d just launched changed direction to chase the first, the HMS Neptune. Redan Simdo was a Oxford graduate. He is a tall, dark, with a typically Arabian complexion, muscular and unshaven. He’d worked with Greenpeace for 3 years becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of effect that organisation was having. At the age of 35 he decided to branch off on his own. Now he commanded an eager crew of hardliners, thanks to the Scotland Yard stitch up.

Under the sea, the pilot, Max, watched his screen clear as the launch bubbles dissipated. His controls became visible as a head up display. Turning the craft to starboard, he acquired the oblong blip, then accelerated fast for 10 minutes in a steep dive heading straight for the target nuclear submarine.

Aboard HMS Neptune, the sonar operator had detected the Sunseeker above the waves. He’d not paid it much attention, until the splash from launching of the Predator mini sub. He called captain Ben Blakestone via the ships intercom.


"Captain, unusual activity behind us, a small signal getting closer, and another heading away."


Commander Ben Blakestone had seen his fair share of 'unusual activity,' none of which amounted to much.


"Keep tracking operator, how close?"

The sonar operator tracked the Predator but had no time to launch torpedoes, which might in any event sink them?? The craft was too small to be taken that seriously.


"It's on us Captain."


"On us, how is that possible?"


In the submersible, Max deployed limpet legs as he guided the Predator alongside the Astute submarine, locking onto the u-boat's outer skin, and cut holes in the double hull, then held on as the submarine slowly descended amid aspewing air trail.


Inside the steel leviathan, the crew had heard the cutter and the air rushing out of the outer hull. Then the inner hull was cut through. The effect was dramatic, and a large jet of water 60mm in diameter rushed in at 3 atmospheres pressure to quickly engulf the main command deck. They’d not been able to close the adjoining watertight hatches quickly enough to stop the sub going deeper, but managed to get into the forward and rear compartments in relative safety. The deeper they went the greater the pressure hence water flow. 


Lieutenant Engelheart shouted a warning to his men, he need not have bothered. "Get out men, use the exits closest."


The crew amidships rapidly dispersed, forward and aft.

In a panic the engineers scrambled down the reactor core, fearing a meltdown should the vessel sink too low and implode. Initiating emergency procedures. Most of the crew had been sleeping. 

Remotely, the crew try to blow ballast, but it was all too quick, and down they plunged. Inside two crew members scrambled into the rear escape tube, they eject and make it to the surface with slight eardrum problems and are spotted and captured by Red and his crew in the Sunseeker.

Inside the stricken submarine as red lights flashed and a siren wailed battle stations, all of the crew had the presence of mind to lock themselves in watertight forward and aft compartments, with some slight injuries. Nobody drowned.

The first mate released an emergency beacon and the radio operator tried in vain to send a last signal to the British Admiralty. The submarine succumbed to the enveloping salt water, gently settling on the floor of the Irish Sea. Exactly as planned by the Terramentals.

Part of the signal got through ……… The Admiralty were sent into immediate meltdown. How is it possible they could lose an Astute submarine? How would they recover it without admitting to the world it was possible?


Sir Rodney Dunbar made an emergency call to the First Sealord.


"Admiral Lawrence please."


"He's probably sleeping off duty, sir."


"Well please will you wake him. This is serious. We may have lost a nuclear submarine."


The Admiral was woken from his slumbers by an orderly. "Sorry Admiral, it's Sir Rodney on the blower."


"What the blazers is this all about?" The Admiral was not pleased at being disturbed at the best of times.


"Admiral, we've lost contact with an Astute. HMS Neptune."


"Poppycock. Say again."


"Yes, sorry sir, an Astute appears to have sunk in the Irish Sea."


"Confound it. Find it man." The Admiral was out of bed like a shot.


Back onboard HMS Neptune, the trapped sailors were straining to hear any clues as to their fate ....


The Terramentals, locate, chase, and sink HMS Neptune (SSN) in shallow waters Irish Sea off Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew. They re-float, and release the surviving crew, in dinghies.



Disillusioned eco activists are imprisoned by the British, for peacefully protesting in London about unrealistically low fines for oil spills in the North Sea, demonstrating strictly in accordance with their Article 9 and 10 Human Rights. They are targeted by fossil fuel industry fraudsters, who bribe police officials and court judges to secure a conviction, with the backing of corrupt ministers of state who have undeclared personal investments in oil drilling companies: Amoco, BP, Shell, Total. That sets in motion a train of events, where, having been framed, the ever more determined environmentalists build a mini-sub, fast enough and especially equipped, to sink or capture Astute, Aukus and US Seawolf class submarines. Having captured HMS Neptune, the Terramentals torpedo a BP owned rig, also destroying two others (Shell), with the looming threat to target all 150 plus, operating in the North Sea. The oil producers are temporarily forced to shut down production, as a result of the significant media coverage and public outrage on realization of the pollution. The UN asks John Storm to provide a geodata survey on the environmental damage. 







ACT 1.

CHAPTER 1.   PROTESTS - Peaceful North Sea oil pollution protestors are framed and imprisoned, by a corrupt judicial system. 

CHAPTER 2.   PREDATOR - On release the Terramentals & smuggler Jorges Dicaprio, complete a mini-sub capable of sinking submarines.

CHAPTER 3.   PHOENIX - Terramentals locate & hijack HMS Neptune in Irish Sea, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew.

CHAPTER 4.   BRITISH PETROLEUM - Terramentals warn North Sea rig operators to stop. Claymore rig is torpedoed, Royal Navy respond.

CHAPTER 5.   BBC WORLD SERVICE - Jill Bird reports Terramentals rig attacks, world shocked at pollution cover up. Charley Temple investigates.

CHAPTER 6.   UNEP SOS - The UNEP ask John Storm to survey North Sea for oil pollution. Elizabeth Swann detects HMS Neptune radiation leaks.

CHAPTER 7.   RADIATION ALERT - John & Dan twig radiation from HMS Neptune possible serious reactor damage. Must warn Terramentals.

ACT 2.

CHAPTER 8.   STEALTH MODE - Storm spots Astute sub, Swann in stealth mode, detected as John warns extremists of sub radiation leakage.

CHAPTER 9.   CHANGE OF COURSE - Terramentals change course, heading for the Straits of Gibraltar. Not believing radiation warning.

CHAPTER 10. U-BOAT 986 - Evading Swann, HMS Neptune navigates off transport lanes. Swann picks up magnetic signature of U-Boat 986.

CHAPTER 11. SENATE, UK & EU DEBATE - Sub hijacking & rig destruction, alarm bells around world. Deepwater Horizon shivers down spines.

CHAPTER 12. REACTOR LEAK - Terramentals realise John telling truth, as radiation rector damage detection system HMS Neptune triggers.

CHAPTER 13. RESCUE TOW - John rescues Terramentals. MI6 order Neptune sinking. MOD knew reactor dangerous, want evidence gone.

CHAPTER 14. LISBON PORT - Terramentals & Storm, shut Neptune's reactor. Tow, stricken submarine to Lisbon, prevent MI6 sinking evidence.

ACT 3.

CHAPTER 15. ROV ATLANTIS - Swann returns U-Boat stealth mode at night, to avoid tracking. Surveys site, discovers Atlantis & Nazi gold.

CHAPTER 16. TREASURE TROVE - John reveals gold find & threatened. US Linc Truman support. PM, Ed Thomas, & Sealord, royal support.

CHAPTER 17. BLUE SHIELD - Cleopatra alerts Blue Shield, Newcastle University, potential Atlantis find, suggests UNESCO world heritage site.

CHAPTER 18. GOLDEN OFFER - Claimants reward John U-Boat gold find. Agrees 1% cover costs 9% to Blue Shield surveys. UNESCO grateful.

CHAPTER 19. GREEN MOBILITY - Galvanized to action UK hit green H2 button, John gets grants low income families, Jill Bird, news item.

CHAPTER 20. IMO IS GO - The International Maritime Org green H2 & methanol, certification. USA in. China India stay with coal, gas & oil.

CHAPTER 21. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - John & George amnesty, pirate caselaw & video proof set up. Harry & Johnson charged treason.







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