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The mythical lost kingdom of Atlantis has been the subject of countless stories and films, focusing on the dozens of coastal civilizations that have been subsumed by the oceans, typically, the result of earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis. The number of coastal cities pulled into the ocean, especially in the Mediterranean basin, number a dozen or more.


Aiming for a screenplay 90-110 pages max.





Redan Simdo is a peace loving law graduate who meets up with Max Mohune, Bartram Fox, Zera Masken and Zinzi Diana, and dozens more in old London town, to peacefully protest.


Unknown to them, Nick Johnson (who is known is Whitehall as The Devil), is working with Chief Constable Harry Holland who is known as Dirty Harry in the force, because of the number of times he has been involved in forceful arrests and beatings, and for taking bribes for such abuses of his office. As Chief Constable, Harry Holland is in position of trust and wields considerable power, where the nation might reasonably expect the appointment of a person of impeccable character. Despite such expectations, Dirty Harry has used his knowledge of sleaze on certain Members of Parliament, and several members of the House of Lords, to in effect, blackmail his way to the top.


Those he has the dirt on, simply could not afford to sack this policeman, frightened that he would spill the beans. An all to frequent threat. Thus, as with many a council employee, holding markers in relation to malfeasance - all too prevalent in the civil service - ensures that promotion follows cover ups. Setting a pretty poor example to rookies, that they should compile a compendium of dirt, as a career booster.


Indeed, being honest, would spell the termination of many a newcomer, unless they figured out how to be a team player. Team, as in covering each others backs. As an organization, the police in the United Kingdom, became just as corrupt as their counterparts in developing countries, only, far more professional about their law breaking. Giving the impression to the casual onlooker, of a decent law enforcement body.


Max Mohune, Zera Masken, Zinzi Diana and Bartram Fox, gather to bolster the crowd numbers, carrying banners telling about the oil leaks in the North Sea that are being covered up. They had organized this gathering, and so became targets, easily identified by facial recognition software and data theft from emails, ebay and amazon online purchase AI. They felt safe, because the social networking behind this protest, made it clear it was to be a peaceful assembly, drawing attention to the pollution caused by oil drilling operations in the North Sea by Repsol Sinopec, Amoco, BP, Shell, Total and others. Apparently with no genuine redress for oil spillages, manifesting as ludicrously low fines, that did and do not reflect the damage to the marine environment and fisheries. Let alone, make reparations for the damage caused. Hence, would continue unabated unless brought to the attention of the public.


Police in riot gear, with face protectors on their helmets, clear shields and batons, disgorged from police vans, to face up to the marchers. They formed a row on either side of the group. Now chanting for transparency in the North Sea oil industry as they brandished inoffensive placards. Calling for an inquiry. BBC and ITV news van turned up to cover the story, but their reporters and camera crew were denied access to the protestors, and forcefully turned away. They smelled a rat.


Another police truck arrived, parking close to the hub of the action, with special hi definition cameras on a mast, tasked with identifying the ring leaders. They were looking to make an example to deter future protests, and protect the investment of their backers, in those oil rights. Plain clothes officers came out of the back door, and began to mingle with protestors entering the group from the sides. These plants began punching and kicking protestors as they moved closer to the identified five: Simdo, Fox, Mohune, Diana and Masken. The Rent-A-Mob officers were stirring up the crowd, safe in the knowledge that the media had been barred from the area. There would be no witnesses or video evidence for their targets, to prove they had been attacked by plain clothes police officers.


Inspector Shaun Flanagan and Sergeant Gordon Scotford lead the Scotland Yard goon squad ....


"Sergeant Scotford, targets acquired in the front row of the crowd, confirm. Over."


"Got them Inspector, moving in with armed officers. Waiting for plants to strike. No media in evidence. Over."


Gordon Scotford led fifteen specialist arresting officers through the regular shields. They knew their targets from pictures on their phones. Redan Simdo was the first target. Rent-A-Mob moved in from behind, punching Red in the back. Distracted, by the attack from the read, Red spun around, only to be assaulted from the front by five of the Met's finest. He went down under a pyramid of blue, cuffed, then was literally carried off and thrown into the waiting carrier.


The officers quickly rejoined their mates for the next target. 


"Scotford. Over"


"Inspector, one down, going for Masken."


"Roger that Sergeant."


Max turned to Fox. "It's a set up. They've got Red, and we are next. Protect the girls."


Mohune and Fox moved towards Zinzi, the most vulnerable. They shouted to Zera, "run for it Zera, we've been targeted."


Zera had seen Red being bundled off, not quite believing what she saw. She turned to head into the crowd, but was punched in the head by a Rent-A-Mob hard man position directly behind her. That did not stop her. As a reflex action, she hit her assailant hard. A punch to the throat and kick in the groin - in self defence. He went down, but four arresting officers rushed her, from the front, the other eleven officers piling into Max and Fox, who were desperate to protect Zinzi.


Zera was overwhelmed and cuffed. Max and Fox did not want to assault their assailants, unless hit first. They allowed themselves to be cuffed without a fight, believing they'd be warned and let go. They watched helplessly as Lady Penelope was cuffed and carried off. The shock of it all showing on her face.


They were all bundled into the police riot truck with Zera. They all laughed at first.


Red opened up. "Well let's hope the press got some of that police brutality"


"We were targets. They knew who we were." Zera was dumbfounded. "How is that possible?"


"Don't worry," said Max. "We were protesting peacefully. We'll get a caution and be released."





A group of environmentalists meet in London, aiming to demonstrate peacefully about the oil leaks in the North Sea. The Terramentals are framed and imprisoned, during which time they vow to expose the corrupt officials who stitched them up. They meet a Jorges Dicaprio, a Cuban submarine expert, in the clink, due for deportation having been refused asylum in the UK.



Disillusioned eco activists are imprisoned by the British, for peacefully protesting in London about unrealistically low fines for oil spills in the , demonstrating strictly in accordance with their Article 9 and 10 Human Rights. They are targeted by fossil fuel industry fraudsters, who bribe police officials and court judges to secure a conviction, with the backing of corrupt ministers of state who have undeclared personal investments in oil drilling companies: Amoco, BP, Shell, Total. That sets in motion a train of events, where, having been framed, the ever more determined environmentalists build a mini-sub, fast enough and especially equipped, to sink or capture Astute, Aukus and US Seawolf class submarines. Having captured SSN Neptune, the Terramentals torpedo a BP owned rig, also destroying two others (Shell), with the looming threat to target all 150 plus, operating in the North Sea. The oil producers are temporarily forced to shut down production, as a result of the significant media coverage and public outrage on realization of the pollution. The UN asks John Storm to provide a geodata survey on the environmental damage. 






ACT 1.

CHAPTER 1.   PROTESTS - Peaceful North Sea oil pollution protestors are framed and imprisoned, by a corrupt judicial system. 

CHAPTER 2.   PREDATOR - On release the Terramentals & smuggler Jorges Dicaprio, complete a mini-sub capable of sinking submarines.

CHAPTER 3.   PHOENIX - Terramentals locate & hijack HMS Neptune in Irish Sea, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew.

CHAPTER 4.   BRITISH PETROLEUM - Terramentals warn North Sea rig operators to stop. Claymore rig is torpedoed, Royal Navy respond.

CHAPTER 5.   BBC WORLD SERVICE - Jill Bird reports Terramentals rig attacks, world shocked at pollution cover up. Charley Temple investigates.

CHAPTER 6.   UNEP SOS - The UNEP ask John Storm to survey North Sea for oil pollution. Elizabeth Swann detects HMS Neptune radiation leaks.

CHAPTER 7.   RADIATION ALERT - John & Dan twig radiation from HMS Neptune possible serious reactor damage. Must warn Terramentals.

ACT 2.

CHAPTER 8.   STEALTH MODE - Storm spots Astute sub, Swann in stealth mode, detected as John warns extremists of sub radiation leakage.

CHAPTER 9.   CHANGE OF COURSE - Terramentals change course, heading for the Straits of Gibraltar. Not believing radiation warning.

CHAPTER 10. U-BOAT 986 - Evading Swann, HMS Neptune navigates off transport lanes. Swann picks up magnetic signature of U-Boat 986.

CHAPTER 11. SENATE, UK & EU DEBATE - Sub hijacking & rig destruction, alarm bells around world. Deepwater Horizon shivers down spines.

CHAPTER 12. REACTOR LEAK - Terramentals realise John telling truth, as radiation rector damage detection system HMS Neptune triggers.

CHAPTER 13. RESCUE TOW - John rescues Terramentals. MI6 order Neptune sinking. MOD knew reactor dangerous, want evidence gone.

CHAPTER 14. LISBON PORT - Terramentals & Storm, shut Neptune's reactor. Tow, stricken submarine to Lisbon, prevent MI6 sinking evidence.

ACT 3.

CHAPTER 15. ROV ATLANTIS - Swann returns U-Boat stealth mode at night, to avoid tracking. Surveys site, discovers Atlantis & Nazi gold.

CHAPTER 16. TREASURE TROVE - John reveals gold find & threatened. US Linc Truman support. PM, Ed Thomas, & Sealord, royal support.

CHAPTER 17. BLUE SHIELD - Cleopatra alerts Blue Shield, Newcastle University, potential Atlantis find, suggests UNESCO world heritage site.

CHAPTER 18. GOLDEN OFFER - Claimants reward John U-Boat gold find. Agrees 1% cover costs 9% to Blue Shield surveys. UNESCO grateful.

CHAPTER 19. GREEN MOBILITY - Galvanized to action UK hit green H2 button, John gets grants low income families, Jill Bird, news item.

CHAPTER 20. IMO IS GO - The International Maritime Org green H2 & methanol, certification. USA in. China India stay with coal, gas & oil.

CHAPTER 21. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - John & George amnesty, pirate caselaw & video proof set up. Harry & Johnson charged treason.







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