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Atlantis has been the subject of countless films, as has Nazi gold and oil polluting our oceans, but never have all these elements come together under one roof as a submarine movie. Aiming for a screenplay 90-110 pages max.









No longer law abiding citizens Redan Simdo leads the Terramentals on their first daring mission to stop oil drilling operations in the North Sea using the borrowed Royal Navy submarine, HMS Neptune. Before that undertaking, the crew familiarize themselves with their Astute submarine. The Fox takes over the vessel's computers with his own software. From that point on, operating the giant steel coffin is child's play.


The newbie submariners are on a steep learning curve. They set course to round Scotland, via the Belfast strait, past the Outer Hebrides, skirting Kirkwall and into the North Sea. On the way they dive and surface several times, to become reasonably proficient. Using the latest Spearfish torpedoes and targeting system, it is almost impossible to miss a stationary object like an oil rig.










All too soon the activist round on the defunct Piper and active Claymore rigs, spoiled for choice. They contact the operators by radio, giving fair warning that they are in the North Sea with a nuclear submarine, and will knock out their oil producing platforms, if they are not shut down immediately, with a promise to switch assets to develop hydrogen generation and storage infrastructure. Red allowed plenty of time for the rig operators to evacuate their crews and seal valves. Indeed, urging them to do so.


The communication had been shared with the BBC and Independent TV networks, who relay via Reuters and Associated Press, all over the world. Jill Bird is on the case instantly. Her editor believes it may be another Piper Alpha, a man-made disaster, only this one deliberate.


BP, Shell and Amoco executives laugh in the face of such threats, not believing they are credible. Repsol Sinopec are equally dismissive at first. Unhelpfully, the Admiralty will not confirm that an Astute submarine is missing. The oil companies refuse to countenance Red's demands. The Terramentals set a time limit, giving the BBC time to get a helicopter into the North Sea


"Listen carefully, whoever you think you are, we are protected from the top. You don't know who you are dealing with. Go fuck yourself." The submariners could hears raucous laughter on the receiving end of the transmission.


It was true, the Terramentals did not know who was pulling their strings. 


"Suit yourselves." Said Red. "Ten minutes left to reconsider. You've had ample time to contact hedge fund managers and other major shareholders. Must say, you have a very cavalier attitude with your investor's money."


The laughter ceased. Another five tense minutes passed in total silence. "Five minutes left to agree to our terms."


Jill Bird chimed in, "pardon me Mr Terramental, is it?"


"Yes Maam." The oil companies were all ears, at the interjection.


"Why are you doing this?"


"We don't know who yet, but some big players framed us up 18 months ago at a peaceful protest in London about the oil pollution in the North Sea. Four minutes."


"Big players?"


"Yes, pretty big. Cos Scotland Yard were in on it, the Courts, the whole shebang. Two of our group were sexually assaulted, one lady nearly raped in the London holding cells. Three minutes."




"We have proof, but there's no effective remedy for activists in this country - where there is a cover up. The State has seen to that. Two minutes."


"Remedy! Do you mean appeal?"


"I mean the Courts are controlled by the State using honours and medals. The King is deaf and dumb to corruption, must be, he dishes out the awards. Remember Piper Alfa? One minute."


Jill recalled she'd just been speaking of Piper Alpha and thinking of Deepwater Horizon.


Fifty seconds of the last minute passed in silence. A helicopter was hovering high over 'Balmoral, 'Brae,' and 'Cyrus.'


Red counted down, "ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Righteeoo then. Any last words from our sponsors, Repsol Sinopec? Anyone? Red waited another ten seconds, and nothing. Fire tubes one and two."


Two white streams in the sea revealed that torpedoes had indeed been fired.


"Oh my word," exclaimed Jill Bird. "We can see two torpedoes in the water heading to the Claymore production platform."


Unknown to other operators, Repsol Sinopec had evacuated their Claymore rig, just in case, very wisely following the advice the Terramentals had proffered - closing off the valve on the ocean floor collar. The torpedoes struck home. The news helicopter swooped in to capture some stunning footage. Even with the oil flow cut off, the remnant oil joined with the torpedo explosion to paint a bright orange flash in the sky, with clouds of black smoke, reminiscent of Deepwater Horizon.


"This is Jill Bird for the BBC World Service, live from London, reporting on the threats to blow up a North Sea oil rig. It looks as though this group need to be taken seriously. They said they would, and they did. More on this breaking story will follow."


Redan ordered a change of course. Next target .....






167 DEAD & NO PROSECUTIONS - Incredible to think that with such loss of life, the CPS would not push to gain a conviction. The obvious charge of Corporate Manslaughter springs to mind. Such as with the Network Rail case, and rail maintenance firm Balfour Beatty. Where six of their senior employees were to face manslaughter charges over the October 2000 Hatfield rail crash, it was announced, 9 July 2003.




MI6 Nick Johnson Sir Rodney Dunbar Dirty Harry
Scotland Yard HMS Neptune Sir Rodney Dunbar First Sealord


The eco extremists warn the operators of a BP rig in the North Sea, to abandon drilling operations or face the music. BP refuse. They torpedo the Claymore rig, followed by three others, then make their escape, knowing the Royal Navy will send out destroyers.



Disillusioned eco activists are imprisoned by the British, for peacefully protesting in London about unrealistically low fines for oil spills in the North Sea, demonstrating strictly in accordance with their Article 9 and 10 Human Rights. They are targeted by fossil fuel industry fraudsters, who bribe police officials and court judges to secure a conviction, with the backing of corrupt ministers of state who have undeclared personal investments in oil drilling companies: Amoco, BP, Shell, Total. That sets in motion a train of events, where, having been framed, the ever more determined environmentalists build a mini-sub, fast enough and especially equipped, to sink or capture Astute, Aukus and US Seawolf class submarines. Having captured HMS Neptune, the Terramentals torpedo a BP owned rig, also destroying two others (Shell), with the looming threat to target all 150 plus, operating in the North Sea. The oil producers are temporarily forced to shut down production, as a result of the significant media coverage and public outrage on realization of the pollution. The UN asks John Storm to provide a geodata survey on the environmental damage. 






ACT 1.

CHAPTER 1.   PROTESTS - Peaceful North Sea oil pollution protestors are framed and imprisoned, by a corrupt judicial system. 

CHAPTER 2.   PREDATOR - On release the Terramentals & smuggler Jorges Dicaprio, complete a mini-sub capable of sinking submarines.

CHAPTER 3.   PHOENIX - Terramentals locate & hijack HMS Neptune in Irish Sea, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew.

CHAPTER 4.   BRITISH PETROLEUM - Terramentals warn North Sea rig operators to stop. Claymore rig is torpedoed, Royal Navy respond.

CHAPTER 5.   BBC WORLD SERVICE - Jill Bird reports Terramentals rig attacks, world shocked at pollution cover up. Charley Temple investigates.

CHAPTER 6.   UNEP SOS - The UNEP ask John Storm to survey North Sea for oil pollution. Elizabeth Swann detects HMS Neptune radiation leaks.

CHAPTER 7.   RADIATION ALERT - John & Dan twig radiation from HMS Neptune possible serious reactor damage. Must warn Terramentals.

ACT 2.

CHAPTER 8.   STEALTH MODE - Storm spots Astute sub, Swann in stealth mode, detected as John warns extremists of sub radiation leakage.

CHAPTER 9.   CHANGE OF COURSE - Terramentals change course, heading for the Straits of Gibraltar. Not believing radiation warning.

CHAPTER 10. U-BOAT 986 - Evading Swann, HMS Neptune navigates off transport lanes. Swann picks up magnetic signature of U-Boat 986.

CHAPTER 11. SENATE, UK & EU DEBATE - Sub hijacking & rig destruction, alarm bells around world. Deepwater Horizon shivers down spines.

CHAPTER 12. REACTOR LEAK - Terramentals realise John telling truth, as radiation rector damage detection system HMS Neptune triggers.

CHAPTER 13. RESCUE TOW - John rescues Terramentals. MI6 order Neptune sinking. MOD knew reactor dangerous, want evidence gone.

CHAPTER 14. LISBON PORT - Terramentals & Storm, shut Neptune's reactor. Tow, stricken submarine to Lisbon, prevent MI6 sinking evidence.

ACT 3.

CHAPTER 15. ROV ATLANTIS - Swann returns U-Boat stealth mode at night, to avoid tracking. Surveys site, discovers Atlantis & Nazi gold.

CHAPTER 16. TREASURE TROVE - John reveals gold find & threatened. US Linc Truman support. PM, Ed Thomas, & Sealord, royal support.

CHAPTER 17. BLUE SHIELD - Cleopatra alerts Blue Shield, Newcastle University, potential Atlantis find, suggests UNESCO world heritage site.

CHAPTER 18. GOLDEN OFFER - Claimants reward John U-Boat gold find. Agrees 1% cover costs 9% to Blue Shield surveys. UNESCO grateful.

CHAPTER 19. GREEN MOBILITY - Galvanized to action UK hit green H2 button, John gets grants low income families, Jill Bird, news item.

CHAPTER 20. IMO IS GO - The International Maritime Org green H2 & methanol, certification. USA in. China India stay with coal, gas & oil.

CHAPTER 21. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - John & George amnesty, pirate caselaw & video proof set up. Harry & Johnson charged treason.







O P E R A T I O N  N E P T U N E










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