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Atlantis has been the subject of countless films, as has Nazi gold and oil polluting our oceans, but never have all these elements come together under one roof as a submarine movie. Aiming for a screenplay 90-110 pages max.










In the High Court of Justice, The Strand, London, England. George Franks and John Storm are allowed to represent the Terramentals, as rather more than Mackenzie friends, with special permission of the Inquiry. The public inquiry, most unusually consisted of three judges, a clerk to the tribunal, and twelve members of the public, by way of a Jury.


The Tribunal accept that John Storm is blameless, simply acting under his general duty of care, to protect human life where possible, when he towed HMS Neptune into Lisbon harbour.


Judge 1: "But this group of extremist stole a nuclear submarine."


Judge 2: "And they destroyed three oil rigs."


Judge 3: "Quite so. What possible extenuating circumstances can justify that?"


John Storm replied: "Indeed, they did. But why did they do that. Under what circumstances would a peaceful protestor, go to the length of hijacking one of His Majesty's men of war? Why not just lodge an appeal, I hear you thinking."


Judge 1: "Indeed, that is weighing heavy on our minds. If you might enlighten the tribunal."


"Members of the jury, for that is why we are sitting today. We are here to try to put ourselves in the position of Bartram Fox, Redan Simdo, Max Mohune, Zera Masken and Zinzi Diana. We are here to try to understand what it is in us all that triggers an extreme reaction. That makes us do extraordinary things."


"I should like to call to the stand the right honourable Nicholas Johnson MP."


[Nick Johnson is questioned as to his offshore investments in North Sea oil]


" ...


"I should like to call to the stand Sir Rodney Dunbar."


[Sir Rodney is questioned as to his offshore investments in North Sea oil]


" ...



"I should like to call to the stand Sergeant Gordon Scotford, Metropolitan police."


[Sergeant Scotford is questioned as to his orders to target protestors and who from, the assault on Zera Masken ]


" ...



John Storm stood down, taking a seat. George Franks got up to continue.


"Imagine if you will a time when lowly serfs and yeomen, peasants under the feudal system in old England, had no rights. They were chattels like slaves. That was until the Magna Carta, issued in June 1215, the first document to put into writing the principle that the King and his government was not above the law. But it was not until Adolf Hitler forced developed nations to re-define those rights, under the tenets of the Universal Declaration, that Human Rights law began to develop, to where we are today. But where are we. Do these citizens have their full quota of civil rights in the United Kingdom?"


"I should like to call to the stand Bobby Dallas."


[Bobby Dallas is questioned as to the day of the protest, during which the video recording he made is introduced as evidence, disproving the testimony of Gordon Scotford and Scotland Yard's Harold Holland. The tribunal question the ownership of the recording as to admissibility as evidence, and the fact it has not been revealed until now, then allow into the record, against the violent objections of the CPS defence, the impartiality of the CPS, and the trial Judges (all knighted), now being called into question as to being got at (Articles 5 & 6, competence and independence of the court)]


" ...


"I should like to call to the stand Dan Hawk."


[Dan Hawk reveals message interceptions traced back to Sir Rodney Dunbar, ordering the sinking (kill) of HMS Neptune, disproving his testimony, revealing he knew about reactor shortcomings, procurement fraud]


" ...


"I should like to call to the stand Charley Temple."


[Charley Temple gives evidence as to her investigations of offshore accounts, belonging to Sir Rodney, Chief Constable Harold Holland, and Nick Johnson MP, all traced back to an oil cartel slush fund]


" ...


"I should like to call to the stand William Liam Wallace."


[William Wallace is questioned as to BAE contracts and the low service levels of the Astute fleet, procurement fraud backhanders, etc., leading to inevitable reactor leakage]


" ...


George Franks sat down, and John Storm continued.


"Members of the Jury, there are certain situations and combinations of events, beyond our control, that will force an ordinary man or woman to extraordinary endeavour. Mostly this is in times of war. Acts of heroism and valour. The stuff of Victoria Crosses. Heroism. 'Rourkes Drift,' in the Anglo-Zulu War 1879. There are also medical conditions that would excuse, even murder, where a person with that condition is provoked, and the provocation is intentional. You have seen the caselaw on that."


"What we are looking at. What the evidence shows, is that beaten up, framed and imprisoned, and finally with a system without any chance of appeal - as has been shown to you - and admitted by the State. That in such circumstances, bereft of any chance of rectification. By which I mean there is no effective remedy in the United Kingdom - at this time - no right of appeal. The only chance these would be law abiding protestors, would have, was to do what they did and could, to prove their innocence."


"What might you have done in those circumstances? Would you have allowed the perpetrators of these crimes against your person and liberty, to go on and persecute you for the rest of your life? Would you. Is that not mental torture? Or would you have tried your utmost to unmask the violators of your civil liberties?"


The Jury looked visibly emotional, as if reliving the incredible beatings and time spent in prison themselves. But John and George could not be sure what they were thinking. They just hoped.


George and John said in unison; "we rest our case."












John Storm and George Franks negotiate an amnesty for the Terramentals, using pirate case precedent from 1700, and video evidence to prove set up. With conditions attaching, by way of a probationary period, also expunging their criminal records, provided that the group limit their activities to peaceful protests. Dirty Harry and The Devil are charged with treason.






ACT 1.

CHAPTER 1.   PROTESTS - Peaceful North Sea oil pollution protestors are framed and imprisoned, by a corrupt judicial system. 

CHAPTER 2.   PREDATOR - On release the Terramentals & smuggler Jorges Dicaprio, complete a mini-sub capable of sinking submarines.

CHAPTER 3.   PHOENIX - Terramentals locate & hijack HMS Neptune in Irish Sea, Cumbria, using the Predator mini-sub - knocking out the crew.

CHAPTER 4.   BRITISH PETROLEUM - Terramentals warn North Sea rig operators to stop. Claymore rig is torpedoed, Royal Navy respond.

CHAPTER 5.   BBC WORLD SERVICE - Jill Bird reports Terramentals rig attacks, world shocked at pollution cover up. Charley Temple investigates.

CHAPTER 6.   UNEP SOS - The UNEP ask John Storm to survey North Sea for oil pollution. Elizabeth Swann detects HMS Neptune radiation leaks.

CHAPTER 7.   RADIATION ALERT - John & Dan twig radiation from HMS Neptune possible serious reactor damage. Must warn Terramentals.

ACT 2.

CHAPTER 8.   STEALTH MODE - Storm spots Astute sub, Swann in stealth mode, detected as John warns extremists of sub radiation leakage.

CHAPTER 9.   CHANGE OF COURSE - Terramentals change course, heading for the Straits of Gibraltar. Not believing radiation warning.

CHAPTER 10. U-BOAT 986 - Evading Swann, HMS Neptune navigates off transport lanes. Swann picks up magnetic signature of U-Boat 986.

CHAPTER 11. SENATE, UK & EU DEBATE - Sub hijacking & rig destruction, alarm bells around world. Deepwater Horizon shivers down spines.

CHAPTER 12. REACTOR LEAK - Terramentals realise John telling truth, as radiation rector damage detection system HMS Neptune triggers.

CHAPTER 13. RESCUE TOW - John rescues Terramentals. MI6 order Neptune sinking. MOD knew reactor dangerous, want evidence gone.

CHAPTER 14. LISBON PORT - Terramentals & Storm, shut Neptune's reactor. Tow, stricken submarine to Lisbon, prevent MI6 sinking evidence.

ACT 3.

CHAPTER 15. ROV ATLANTIS - Swann returns U-Boat stealth mode at night, to avoid tracking. Surveys site, discovers Atlantis & Nazi gold.

CHAPTER 16. TREASURE TROVE - John reveals gold find & threatened. US Linc Truman support. PM, Ed Thomas, & Sealord, royal support.

CHAPTER 17. BLUE SHIELD - Cleopatra alerts Blue Shield, Newcastle University, potential Atlantis find, suggests UNESCO world heritage site.

CHAPTER 18. GOLDEN OFFER - Claimants reward John U-Boat gold find. Agrees 1% cover costs 9% to Blue Shield surveys. UNESCO grateful.

CHAPTER 19. GREEN MOBILITY - Galvanized to action UK hit green H2 button, John gets grants low income families, Jill Bird, news item.

CHAPTER 20. IMO IS GO - The International Maritime Org green H2 & methanol, certification. USA in. China India stay with coal, gas & oil.

CHAPTER 21. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - John & George amnesty, pirate caselaw & video proof set up. Harry & Johnson charged treason.



Disillusioned eco activists are imprisoned by the British, for peacefully protesting in London about unrealistically low fines for oil spills in the North Sea, demonstrating strictly in accordance with their Article 9 and 10 Human Rights. They are targeted by fossil fuel industry fraudsters, who bribe police officials and court judges to secure a conviction, with the backing of corrupt ministers of state who have undeclared personal investments in oil drilling companies: Amoco, BP, Shell, Total. That sets in motion a train of events, where, having been framed, the ever more determined environmentalists build a mini-sub, fast enough and especially equipped, to sink or capture Astute, Aukus and US Seawolf class submarines. Having captured HMS Neptune, the Terramentals torpedo a BP owned rig, also destroying two others (Shell), with the looming threat to target all 150 plus, operating in the North Sea. The oil producers are temporarily forced to shut down production, as a result of the significant media coverage and public outrage on realization of the pollution. The UN asks John Storm to provide a geodata survey on the environmental damage. 






O P E R A T I O N  N E P T U N E










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