Astute class submarine, British Royal Navy


THE TARGET - Terramentals aim to steal a British Royal Navy submarine, to destroy oil wells in the North Sea, by way of drawing attention to the manifold oil discharges, and their unlawful detention, as legitimate conservation protestors.





Bobby Dallas studied as a marine biologist at the National Oceanography Centres in the United Kingdom. He was one of the lucky protestors, low profile enough not to be targeted and arrested during the London march. Mainly, because he was a latecomer who tagged along. He is thus very useful to the Terramentals, since his activities are not traced by MI6 or the police. He was though a witness to the Metropolitan police setting up of the incident and Rent-A-Mob assaults from within the crowd, and then saw Red, Max, Bart, Zera and Zinzi, being virtually kidnapped and hurled into the police truck, then whisked away. He filmed some of the setup on his mobile phone, careful not to be spotted and arrested himself.


Bobby (Bo to his friends) was shocked when his friends were convicted on obviously fabricated evidence. He tried to contact the news agencies using an alias, but they told him there was no story - ignoring his pleas that there was video evidence. It was obvious the BBC and other channels had been warned off, got at. The BBC being very much a propaganda machine for the State, their reporters on the hook, if they want to keep their careers.


Undeterred, Bo finally made contact with Red, almost by accident, and joined the group. He mentioned about the footage he'd taken, securely lodged in various locations. Red was thankful, but now determined to press ahead and expose the injustices various. Not at all convinced that any Court in the UK was not already bought and paid for. Indeed, he explained to Bo, that there is no right of appeal in England. All they would be doing would be giving advance notice of what they had, and then Bo would be a target, set up like the rest of them. Better then to keep his testimony and video evidence in his/their back pockets, until such time as it could be used in a genuinely independent tribunal - or for the eyes of the honest contingent within the Ministry of Defence.









Admiral Lawrence Francis Percival 

First Sealord, British Royal Navy

Antonio Guterres

United Nations' Secretary General

Ark, The

The world's most comprehensive interactive DNA database

Benjamin Reid Blakestone RN

Submariner Commander HMS Neptune (Captain)


A digital communication interface for the human brain

Captain Nemo

AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple

Researcher & camerwoman, good friend of John Storm

CyberCore Genetica

The world's smallest, fastest & most powerful supercomputer

Dan Hawk (Daniel)

Electronics & computer wizard, crew member Elizabeth Swann

Dr Roberta Treadstone

Blue Shield, Newcastle University, England

Edward (Honest John) Thomas

An honest British Prime Minister, Right Honourable MP

Elizabeth Swann

Fastest solar/hydrogen ship & floating laboratory

Excalibur, Pendragon & Merlin

Anti piracy weapon & ship security system

George Franks

Legal and intelligence trust manager, Swindles & Gentry


The onboard AI supercomputer ship manager

Jill Bird

Senior BBC news world service anchor

John Storm

Ocean adventurer, marine archaeologist, Commander RN

Katy, Kitty

The ships cat and lucky mascot

King Charles III

Beleaguered Monarch wrestling with UK corruption

Kitack Lim

Secretary General, International Maritime Organization (IMO)


Elizabeth Swann's onboard survey ROV

Professor Douglas Storm

John Storm's uncle, designer of Elizabeth Swann

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord

UNESCO sunken realms division, conservationist

Richard Leon (Lionheart) Engelheart

Lieutenant, a brave submariner HMS Neptune

Sam Hollis

BBC & Sky freelance investigative reporter Caribbean regions

SSN Neptune

Stricken Astute nuclear sub with Spearfish torpedoes

Steve Green

Freelance reporter, friend of Charley Temple

Suki Hall

A marine biologist, admirer of John's work

Tom Hudson

Sky News Editor, always looking for an exclusive

Trish Lippard

Cleopatra's call sign to protect her royal identity

William (Bill) Fennick Windsor

Midshipman, HMS Neptune (Kings College, Uni, London)

William Liam Wallace

Scottish director BAE Systems, MOD contractor, whistleblower




Bartram (Sly) Fox 

Crafty compact acrobatic subaqua diver Terramental - ‘Sly Fox’

Bobby Bo Dallas

Navigator handy Terramental, biologist, video evidence

Don (Donald) Malcolm Campbell

Chief Executive Babcock, MOD subcontractor

Harry (Dirty) Hallem Holland

Chief Constable - Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police)

Inspector Shaun Flanagan

Dirty Harry's sidekick, (DI) fraud squad cover ups 

Jorges Francisco Dicaprio

Cuban freedom fighter & Predator submersible designer

Maximilian (Maxy) Mohune

Pilot of mini sub, ex air force, SAS hard man Terramental

Nick (The Devil) Johnson MP

Corrupt UK Minister for Defence, oil investor

Redan (Red) Simdo

Leader Terramentalists (Oxford grad. 35 tall dark Arabian)

Predator HK

A high speed hunter-killer submersible

Sergeant Gordon Scotford

Corrupt Met cop who sexually assaulted & beat Zera Masken

Sir Rodney Vernon Dunbar

MI6 military intelligence (General) oil investor


A group of protestors driven to extreme activism

Zera Charlotte Masken

Stunningly attractive climate obsessed Terramental

Zinzi Penelope Diana

Saudi demure Terramental scientist (Lady Penelope)



Robe Trax Ex submariner, brother killed Afghanistan Terramental
Robin Cain - Able seaman
Stuart Cantrell
Richard Hurst 
Kelly Botulo SBS UK contingent assigned SN 
Luana Tumako Feisty blonde (Naomi Watts)
Rex Barker Navy seal
Boris Farber Navy seal
Shaun O’Connell Navy seal
Pat Brady 
Todd O’Brien 
Mike Harris
Jack James (Jimmy) Hawkins Royal Navy Captain of Surefire. (short blonde hair, 5’ 11” slim)


Bertie Keith Alexander Barr
Michael Jon Bailey
Walter Bishop Wilson
Benjamin Reid Blakestone
Robert Bruce Harold King
Kenneth Ray Brocker Brueggeman
Eugene Bryan Burke Byers
Robbie Burns Braveman
Leroy Malcolm Campbell
Samuel Johnson Cardullo
Francis Knapp King Carey
Gary Stephen Carpenter
Christopher Lee Chandler
Romeo Helton Christansen
Constantino Cowan Cross
Garmin Ray Denney Dunn
Richard Leon Engelhart
George Patrick Ralph Farrington
William Fennick Windsor
Vernon Nicholas Forrester
Antonio Frank Gibson
Steven Dean Gleason
William Clarke Harwin
Larry Leroy Hesston
Richard Curtis Hogeland
John Richard Houge Humbert
Ronald Ralph Robertson
- Harry Holland Huckelberry
Charles Lee Lamberth
Maximilian Franklin Lanier
John Weichert Livingston
Gordon Bennett Lloyd
Patsy Mazzuchi McGuire
Francis Frederickson
Raymond Dale Morrison
Daniel Christopher Petersen
Stanley Francis Atwood-Slattery
Earl Lester Rayburn
- Luis Santana
Earl Schaffer Seifert
Lynn Laughton Douglas-Smith
Robert Bernard Smith-Snapper
Daniel Peter Stephenson
Candler Stephenson
Doctor David LivingStone
John Phillip Sturgill
Richard Norman Summers
Driscoll Sweeney Toddington
- Simon Charles Sweetsong
James Frank Tindall
- Violetti Voss Veerhusen
Kurt Watkins Webb
Edwin Robert Westley Watson
Leonard Nimmoy Weinbeck
Peter Mitchell Welles
Ronald Williamson
Virgil Denton Wright
Howard Yarborough
Otto Young
Edmondo, Earnesto, Federigo, Fidelio, Joachim, Xavier




In the John Storm series of ocean awareness adventures, extreme activists use their Predator HK to steal an Astute class submarine, belonging to the British Royal Navy. The anti global warming terrorists plan to steal US and Soviet submarines, as part of their agenda to prove the futility of all out thermonuclear annihilation. Using their own illegal, weapons against the perpetrators of what they see as crimes against humanity.


In this fictional John Storm adventure, the Astute submarine commandeered, develops radiation leaks, making the vessel dangerous to life in the ocean, and eventually, those submariners operating the vessel, adding to the list of complaints of the Terramentalists.













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